Welcome to ACCESSU.ca!

ACCESS U is a student-run campus club  model extension of the non-profit organization, ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education.

ACCESS U aspires to provide a sustainable model within post-secondary institutions for ACCESS.  This student-group model can be formed at numerous locations with a goal of expanding ACCESS through students at a variety of universities and colleges.

The two main focuses of ACCESS U are Creating World Leaders and Education in the Developing world.

Creating World Leaders

  • ACCESS U aims to provide an outlet for all post-secondary students to expand their repertoire of practical knowledge in order to become professional, world leaders.
  • It will ensure that each willing student is given a reasonable amount of training and information via workshops, which is necessary to excel in one’s respective field.
  • It will enable eager students to be involved in social justice initiatives and aspire to make a difference in the developing world.

Education in the Developing World

  • ACCESS U is extremely committed to providing post-secondary students with an understanding of the dearth of education in the developing world.
  • By understanding the need for education in developing countries, Laurier students can use ACCESS U to reach out to those in the developing world who desire a good education.
  • All profit from ACCESS U events, initiatives, and goals will be donated to ACCESS for the intention of providing children in the developing world with an education.