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Newspaper coverage: Accessing you

Accessing you
Mike Lakusiak | The Cord

Student-run non-profit organization begins leadership workshop series

Student involvement in activities supplementing their education is stressed more and more as individuals are forced to come up with impressive items differentiating themselves from every other university graduate. With this in mind, a student-run non-profit organization engaged in projects in the developing world has started a new initiative targeted at Wilfrid Laurier University students. Read the full article here!

From left: Kody Robinson, Katherine Elliot, Jon Pryce and Michael Onabolu of ACCESS U Laurier. Photo:

ACCESS U Laurier General Meeting

The first annual ACCESS U meeting will take place on September 26, 2010 at 8pm in SBE1230.

Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting.  You will be able to see how ACCESS U operates, what are plans are for this year, and what we can offer you.

Executive Members must wear business attire as there will be a photographer present. Business attire is optional for General Members and the public.

The meeting will only be an hour in duration.  Feel free to stop by at any time between 8pm and 9pm.  A sign-up sheet will be present at the end of this meeting for those who are interested in general membership.

Contact or fill out the sign-up form at if you wish to get an interview set-up A.S.A.P.

Newspaper interview with ACCESS U Laurier club president

Haiti mission difficult but inspiring
August 25, 2010 | The Record

WATERLOO — After spending 10 days in Haiti on an aid mission, Jon Pryce is using his renewed determination to fuel the creation of a new chapter of the charity that helped him get there. Read the full article here!

Jon Pryce who has just returned from a 10-day aid mission to Haiti, displays a banner with the name of a student-group he runs, called ACCESS U, to help fund schools in Haiti. The newest chapter of the charity will be operating soon at Laurier.

Promotional Video: ACCESS inspired in Haiti

ACCESS U can offer you the chance to make a difference. To be connected. To spread the word at the post-secondary level. Help Haiti, help the word.

On a volunteer mission to Jacmel, Haiti in July 2010, students from ACCESS Charity witnessed and experienced much of the poverty, inequality, and problems that exist within this devastated country.

As students, along with the inhabitants of Haiti, we can agree on the notion that providing accessible education to children and young adults will have an impact on the way Haiti’s future will pan out.

This trip is a motivation for ACCESS U, and this video shares our inspiration with you.