ACCESS U – Western
University of Western Ontario Chapter

This will be the online home of ACCESS U – Western. A chapter is being established at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario in the coming months.

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Email: uwo@accessu.ca | Facebook: Join Group

ACCESS U – Western is a chapter of ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, Inc. This chapter is currently being established at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. We are aiming to be a fully ratified club at the University of Western Ontario for the second semester of this school year (January 2012).

ACCESS U – Western, aims to provide opportunities for UWO students to build their leadership abilities while providing them with the opportunity to make an impact on education within developing countries.

Many of the initiatives taking place include but are not limited to: school supply drives, talent shows, bake sales, workshops, event nights and other awareness or fundraising events. All profit form ACCESS U events, initiatives, and goals will be donated to ACCESS Charity for the sole intention of providing education to children in the developing world.

All in all, the main priority of ACCESS U – Western is to impact the many lives of UWO students by providing them a means to effectively make an impact on the education of developing countries, while developing the skills necessary to become a successful leader.