Sponsoring an impactful youth-run, non-profit organization

ACCESS strives for absolute minimal operations costs. We rely on support from other organizations to fund our various events, programs and materials (including this website). We have worked with a variety of partners and sponsors (listed here) to provide support with both ongoing and individual projects.

If you are a business, foundation or individual interested in sponsoring ACCESS, please contact:

Mark Llanes, Director of Finance
ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, Inc.

Share your support online by sponsoring our websites

ACCESS has an extensive online presence including social media and multiple websites, publishing premium content. ACCESS offers the opportunity to sponsor our websites for one month at a time – including the option of having an advertisement placed on all pages of accesscharity.ca, ymad.ca, speakupforchange.ca and mentioned on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you are interested in having your advertisement appear on an ACCESS website, please contact:

Aminah Haghighi, Director of Communications
ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, Inc.