Previous Projects

School Uniforms

The groundbreaking project of ACCESS in 2006. Needy students in Dominican Republic received school uniforms and shoes, allowing them the opportunity to attend schools that require mandatory uniforms. ACCESS continues to seek opportunities to provide school uniforms.

Outdoor School Renovations

In 2007, ACCESS renovated an outdoor recreational school patrio and provided whiteboards and classroom stationary for students in a small town in Colombia. The patio is used for kindergarten students as a safe place to learn and play. A secondary project added learning activities and furniture to the classroom.

Primary School Expansion

As a collaborative development project, ACCESS was involved in the expansion of a Polly Ground Basic School (primary school) in Jamaica during 2008-2009. The main goal was to build an additional 800 square feet so the children have a better learning environment. Additional funds were be used to purchase books and supplies.

Vulnerable Children Centre and Arts Centre

ACCESS partnered with Student Reach International (now known as I Have Hope) on IMUMA (Imani, Upendo na Matumaini). Contributions are supporting and educating group of children in Tanzania, through funding education of a vulnerable child centre. ACCESS sold handcrafted necklaces made by Mtoto Mchoraji (Drawing Children) is an art centre in Tanzania  in which the proceeds support both IMUMA and Mtoto Mchoraji.

Ultra distance runner Hollie Woodhouse takes on desert challenge

Hollie Woodhouse used to think running the perimeter of Christchurch’s Hagley Park was a “massive” effort.

A quick blast round the park on a Saturday morning, and Woodhouse felt she had earned her chocolate and coffee.

She turned 31 this week and has now stacked up a couple of 30 kilometre runs, carrying on her back 8kg worth of rice, in preparation for her first ultra adventure race.

In April, Woodhouse will travel to Morocco to compete in the 30th Marathon des Sable a six day multi leg race, cheap jerseys spanning 250km across the Sahara Desert.

“If I think about it too much I stress myself out. I know mentally I can do it. I will be crawling over the line to get that medal if I have to.”

The wholesale jerseys designer will cover 45 85 km a day, in a five strong ‘Running for Rangers’ team, with the aim of raising at least $300,000 for the welfare of rangers who are “putting their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect elephant and rhino in East Africa”.

Of the 1500 people entered, 80 per cent will cross the wholesale nba jerseys finish line, with the other 20 per cent losing out, most likely to blisters.

“I would be absolutely devastated if I had to pull out. It’s not an option.”

Ten years ago, Woodhouse heard a talk by ultra runner and adventure athlete Lisa Tamati who at that time was in the middle of running the length of New Zealand.

“I remember thinking ‘oh my god, this woman is crazy’.”

Woodhouse grew up in Mayfield, near Ashburton, playing hockey, touch and aerobics but was “not built to be a runner”. After completing her first Coast to Coast last year, she took off to the UK for a “late OE”, and plucked up the courage to do the desert run. Despite missing the initial entries, she secured a place three months after being put on a wait list.

“In my mind I was fit but I definitely wasn’t.”

Woodhouse began training for wholesale jerseys the upcoming event in the UK, and brought it home this summer to train in warmer temperatures.

Ahead of the event, Woodhouse will spend 10 days in Kenya, where her sister lives, to get used to the heat.

With an 8kg pack to carry, including food and sleeping gear, it was a “fine line” between being comfortable and enjoying the race, said Woodhouse.

Her phone with music and podcasts was essential, as was a go pro camera, “to prove I actually did it”.

To fund her adventure which cost $10,000 and that excluded flights the designer launched a Christchurch based sporting magazine Say yes to adventure. It went to print on Monday and her hope is that it becomes a quarterly production.Articles Connexes: