Cell Phone Drive

You can give your old or unwanted cell phones to support global education! Contribute to ACCESS by hosting a simple Cell Phone Drive at your school or workplace. Collect old, damaged or no-longer needed cell phones from students, staff and co-workers.

Why Cell Phones Should Be Recycled
Cell phones contain over 8 hazardous materials including arsenic, and improper disposal pollutes our air, waste rand soil. These unwanted cell phones, however, can instead be refurbished or safely recycled. Cell Funds takes care of this process and provides ACCESS with funds for every phone you donate.

Be Eco-Friendly and Easily Support Education
Cell Phone Drives for ACCESS give your students and staff the satisfaction of being both eco-friendly and contributing to the quality of children’s lives in developing countries – all while getting rid of unused, unwanted devices. There are no purchases required and we will help you get setup – it is easy, convenient and earth-friendly.

Community Contribution
ACCESS and the youth we serve depend on you: motivated and willing groups of youth ready to unite for the common cause. Consider hosting a Cell Phone Drive at your school, community centre or office – and open up your community to positive change!

Collection and Pickup
Host a Cell Phone Drive for a set time or keep a collection box placed in your work or school. ACCESS will provide you with a poster template which you can download here and print. Once you have some phones collected, email us at info@accesscharity.ca to arrange pickup. Drop-off Locations include:

  • ACCESS Office | Community Door
    7700 Hurontario Street, Unit 601, Brampton
  • Karine’s Vegan, Vegetarian All-Day Breakfast
    109 McCaul Street, Toronto
  • St. Marguerite d’Youville Church (Mass Times Only)
    2490 Sandalwood Parkway East, Brampton